Our Services

Website Design

We specialize in "clean code" website designs. That means our source code is professionally installed and carefully tested to read properly on all platforms. Our website designs are built to be informative to the viewer as well as attractive to the eye. Search engine optimization is included in all original designs. All new designs are "responsive" which means that they are certified as Google mobile friendly across all devices. We thoroughly discuss the client's online needs and then strategize the client's goals before execution of all designs. No design is complete until the client is satisfied.

Example of responsive website designs by OBXOPS shown on multiple devices.

Strategic Planning

Before every website project we spend considerable time discussing the client's goals and the actual methods that are needed to reach those goals. If a client has requested a website, in most all cases it is because he wants to present his business to more potential customers. Designing and then posting a shiny new website is a great start but a quality internet professional knows that it is critical that he integrates specific agreed upon strategies within the designs and the management of the client's project. Success of any website project must be measured by the designer's ability to achieve the client's goals. If a website design company doesn't first spend the necessary time discussing these goals and what it takes to achieve them you might want to reconsider the effectiveness of their work.

Website Management

All our original designs include the first year under our full management plan. We continue to edit and refine the website for the first year including daily monitoring of the website and associated social media. We continually review and tweak the search engine strategy as necessary. Our goal with this management plan is to free up our clients to run the business while we keep the online efforts updated and effective.

Managed Web and Domain Hosting

We host the website on our secure server and all our domains on Google Domains. Our full management plans include all hosting, server and domain charges. There are no other expenses that the client will need to plan for during that first year. In twenty years we have virtually no down time with our servers. Any server updates are done in early morning hours so that they are unnoticed by customers or search engines. We also offer free cloud service and individual IP addresses for all websites that we host.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

All website clients are offered free emailing list services. Clients can upload their previously recorder email list and/or have a sign up link on their website to recruit new subscribers to their email list.

Website Email Addresses and Forwards

Our clients can have unlimited free email addresses under their website's domain. For example william@example.com, contact@example.com, etc. Clients can request unlimited alias forwarding from any of their websites addresses to a personal address. For example william@example.com can be forwarded to williamsmith21@rr.com to protect your personal address from getting on a spam list.

Social Media Management

Social Media

Our full management plan includes assistance in managing existing or creating new Facebook pages for your business. All social media is then integrated together with the website in a way that each compliments the other.

Print Design Services

We can create affordable business cards and brochures for short runs. If a client doesn't need a lot of printing this option is a great way to test the effectiveness of the product. We then upload the design to VistaPrint for the actual printing. On average the finished product is shipped to the client within one week.

Example of Rack Card and Business card for Sandra D Sportfishing Print Design Services by OBXOPS.