Why Page Loading Speed is Important?

Page Load time Statistics

Have you ever clicked on a website and waited endlessly while a small circle spins reminding you that the page is loading? You have experienced the frustration first hand. Usually a slow loading website is due to the website designer's inability to properly code the website but there are other possible reasons. Whatever the reason, a slow loading website is also a poor performing website.

Today's internet works faster that ever and users rightfully expect that they won't have to wait for a page or even parts of a page to load. Statistics show that you are going to lose more than 50% of your potential customers if they are expected to wait over 3 seconds for a page. Most suspect there is a problem with the website and they back out quickly. Can you afford to lose over 50% of your potential customers?

Google indexing robot

How does a slow loading website affect your search engine results? To my knowledge Google does not directly penalize a website for slow loading, But slow loading does hurt your search results in other ways. One example is Google indexing robots. These are the robots that collect all the data from your domain and feed it into an algorithm to determine where you stand in the search for a certain phrase. These robots are sent to many millions of websites on a regular basis to do their work almost instantaneously.

Let's say that you have an extremely slow loading website or a slow load page somewhere within the domain. The indexing robot comes to call but is delayed for fractions of a second for the same reason the page loads slowly. Do you think that robot is going to sit and wait for this to correct itself? No way. The robot immediately leaves your website leaving valuable data un-indexed.

Another problem slow loading creates is called website popularity. A website's popularity is an extremely important number in the Google search algorithm. Google measures every time your website is visited, where the visitor went on your website and how long they stayed. This gives the algorithm some idea of the value of your content. In the case of a small business in a relatively small search just a few more long visits can make a big difference in how Google ranks your website.

websites bounce rate

But here is the tricky problem with popularity. Google also measures the websites "bounce rate". A bounce is when someone clicks on your website and for some reasons backs out quickly. It may be because he was looking for something different when he clicked on your website or it may be because he just didn't like what he saw when he got there. If your website is slow loading and customers aren't waiting for your website to load you are compiling a very high bounce rate which might be hindering your search results.

stop watch on key board

The overall goal of any website is to impress your potential customers when they visit your business. If your website is not a smooth enjoyable experience your are definitely not putting your best foot forward.

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